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OpenX Update Week Flyer  (include dates, session times and speakers for PDH credit records)

FEB. 21 -  NCDOT OpenX Overivew - (S1)

Presented by Jeff Garland, NCDOT

NCLUG_NCDOT OpenX Microstation Connect Tips Tricks.pdf

FEB. 21 -  NCDOT OpenX CADD Services - (S2)

Presented by Ethan Schwartz, Bentley

FEB. 21 -  NCDOT OpenX ProjectWise - (S3)

Presented by Elizabeth Lee, Bentley

FEB. 22 -  NCDOT OpenX Location & Surveys + Photogrammetry - (S4)

Presented by Emory Kincaid & Faith Driver, NCDOT

L&S Contact email:

FEB. 22 -  NCDOT OpenX Utilities - (S5)

Presented by Jon Loughry, NCDOT

Utilities Information -

FEB. 22 -  NCDOT OpenX Geotechnical - (S6)

Presented by Christina Bruinsma, NCDOT

FEB. 23 -  NCDOT OpenX  Roadway- (S7)

Presented by Jason Moore & Oak Thammavong, NCDOT

FEB. 23 -  NCDOT OpenX  Hydraulics - (S8)

Presented by Bill Elam, NCDOT

FEB. 23 -  NCDOT OpenX Construction - (S9)

Presented by Bryan Edwards, NCDOT

FEB. 24 -  NCDOT OpenX  Roadside Environment - (S10)

Presented by Jeremy Goodwin, NCDOT

FEB. 24 -  NCDOT OpenX  Structures - (S11)

Presented by Nick Pierce, NCDOT

FEB. 24 -  NCDOT OpenX  Q&A Wrap-up Session - (S12)

Presented by Jeff Garland, NCDOT with CDM, KCA, Woods


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